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Welcome to Monsoon

Having a hard day, stressed at work, kids driving you crazy, don’t worry we understand how hard some days can be. So let us and Monsoon take the stress out of feeding the family for the evening. Located on 5 Sterling Parade, The Street, Rustington, offers a wide variety of dishes including Korma dishes, Dansak dishes and Tandoori selection. These dishes are just a small selection of what Monsoon has to offer.



Monsoon Special Dishes

Reasons to Choose Us

We use only the finest ingredients and spices available and creat our own recipes for each of these exotic dishes. Your patience is appreciated as we take the utmost pride and care to prepare each dish individually to your order.
All our Chicken dishes are cooked with Breast meat only.

Chicken Tikka

Marinated in spicy yoghurt and herbs then cooked over a charcoal fire


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